Representation of the investor and legal support in a major investment development project in Russia


A team of the firm’s attorneys have been given a task to represent the investor and provide legal support to one of the biggest investment development projects in Russia being at the stage of settlement of the parties’ controversies and mutual complaints.

The work includes a leadership in the group of lawyers composed (apart from the firm’s attorneys) of the in-house counsel of the parties involved in the transaction, representation of the investor in its relations with its partners, development of a legal strategy and implementation of a complex of remedies for recovery of the investor’s and its partners’ expenses (amounting in aggregate to billions of rubles) on the project, settlement of the relationships with the project contractors and suppliers, including representation of a Russian project operator in numerous court disputes with governmental agencies and commercial organizations.

The team is headed by Andrey Gorodissky, Managing Partner, and includes: Alexander Sutiagin, Marina Shuvaeva and Dmitry Lubomudrov.