Elena Y. Gorodisskaya, Daria V. Nossova. Experts’ comments

In response to a request from PRAVO.RU, a legal portal, Attorneys-at-Law of the Firm Elena Gorodisskaya and Daria Nossova offered their professional view on the Award that had been rendered by the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation in a legal costs compensation case. This high-profile case captured attention primarily because of the awarded amount of compensation (about 3 Mio rubles) and also because the costs were recovered from a government agency. In particular, in experts’ opinion, the possibility of recovery from the defeated party of full amounts of highly skilled lawyers’ fees allows for avoiding of deterioration in quality of litigation support services, which deterioration has currently become obvious. Furthermore, it appears that the opinion of the RF SAC will bring about adequate comprehension by courts of the current legal advisory charges formed in the market. The comment was included in the article posted under the title «The SAC has Told about Expensive Lawyers in Detail»