Overcoming Refusal of Registration of the Trademarks of Gazeta.ru, One of Russia’s Earliest Online Newspapers

AGP Attorney-at-Law and Trademark Attorney Elena Gorodisskaya successfully asserted the client’s right to obtain registration of its trademarks.

For several years ZAO Gazeta.RU had been striving to register the trademarks “gazeta.ru” for services relevant to its online newspaper. In 2011 Rospatent (Russian PTO) refused the client’s two applications due to the lack of distinctive capacity and a third party’s prior registration of a confusingly similar trademark. In the administrative proceedings the Chamber for Patent Disputes of Rospatent upheld the refusals, but later they were overruled by decision of the appellate instance of the IP Court.

In February 2015 Rospatent put an end to the case by accepting the client’s arguments and ruled to grant registration to both applied trademarks “gazeta.ru”.