Court Dismissed a Claim for Damages against AGP’s Client

In an action brought to the Moscow Arbitrazh Court, the Claimant sought a court’s order restricting AGP’s client from interfering with the Claimant’s business operations and claimed damages in the total amount of 10,500,000 rubles.

AGP’s client allegedly interfered with the Claimant’s business by prohibiting the Claimant’s supplier to deliver equipment to the Claimant. The Claimant demanded a penalty for non-delivery of the equipment to its customers plus lost profit due to impossibility of further deliveries of the equipment to such customers.

AGP argued that the Claimant failed to prove that the Defendant had issued a restriction of delivery of goods and insisted that such restriction, if any, could not have been an obstacle to performance of the supplier’s delivery obligations. With regard to damages, AGP’s argument was that there was no proof that the Claimant had actually suffered such damages.

The Court accepted the arguments of the Defendant, who was represented by AGP attorneys Valentin Moiseev and Olga Zelenskaya, and dismissed the claim in full.