AGP Partner Ludmila Kucherova Took Part in the Parliament Hearings «Criminal Liability of Legal Entities: International Practice, Prospects for Enshrining in Russian Laws», Held at the Federation Council on June 23.

The subject of discussion was “Introduction of certain changes in legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the adoption of the concept of corporate criminal liability».
A relevant draft law is currently considered by the Federation Council’s Committee on Constitutional Legislation and Nation-Building.
Attorney-at-Law Ludmila Kucherova spoke at the parliamentary hearings. She noted that in economic crime cases liability is often imposed not on those who are really guilty. The draft law does not eliminate this drawback, although it defends public interests. No mechanism for the determination of legal entity’s guilt has been developed and it is unlikely that such mechanism will start working. It is necessary to improve administrative legislation by strengthening corporate responsibility.