A Lawsuit that Had Been Brought to Compel the Supplier to Replace Industrial Equipment with New Similar Proper Quality Products has Been Abandoned by the Claimant

The buyer filed with a commercial (arbitrazh) court a claim for compelling the supplier to replace the delivered equipment with new similar proper quality products manufactured by an American company.
The claimant tried to convince the commercial court that the industrial equipment which it had acquired was of improper quality and non-compliant with the terms of the supply contract, concerning the particular manufacturer agreed by the parties.
AGP lawyers compiled additional evidence and prepared a statement of defense, which collectively rebutted claimant’s arguments. Having reviewed the statement of defense, the claimant admitted that its claims against the respondent were invalid and voluntarily withdrew the lawsuit.
The respondent (supplier) was represented by AGP Attorneys-at-Law Valentin Moiseev and Olga Zelenskaya.