The FAS Russia Has Removed a Client of Andrey Gorodissky & Partners from the List of Respondents Involved in Antimonopoly Proceedings

For more than one year AGP has been providing legal support to its client involved in an antimonopoly matter examined by the FAS Russia in connection with an alleged restricted cartel agreement. More than 10 Russian and foreign companies were involved as respondents.

During examination of the matter AGP attorneys-at-law represented the client before the FAS commission, prepared motions and written explanations, provided the client with legal support in drafting responses and submitting documents requested by FAS. As a result, the FAS commission found that the client’s actions did not constitute any violations and ruled to discontinue involvement of the AGP client in the examination of the matter. The client was represented by Attorneys-at-Law Marina Abramova and Kristina Timoshenko.