Successful Protection of Business Reputation

24.02.2016, Valentin N. Moiseev, Olga M. Zelenskaya
AGP attorneys have successfully protected a large international metering equipment manufacturer. A former distributor filed a lawsuit against AGP’s client to defend its business reputation, based on the allegation about dissemination of untrue discrediting information. The claimant considered a statement about its not being in a position to ship equipment of a certain manufacturer to be discrediting information.

In the course of judicial proceedings the attorneys managed to prove that the plaintiff had lost its equipment distributor status and, therefore, the information about plaintiff’s having no right to ship equipment was true. AGP attorneys have overcome claimant’s arguments to the effect that the referenced information was defamatory and that it was disseminated directly by the plaintiff. The plaintiff was represented by Attorneys-at-Law Valentin Moiseev and Olga Zelenskaya.