Defense Against Subsidiary Liability in a Bankruptcy Proceeding

22.06.2016, Dmitri A. Lubomudrov, Valentin N. Moiseev, Olga M. Zelenskaya
The AGP team successfully defended the General Director of a bankrupt company who was claimed to be subsidiarily liable for multimillion debts.
The  receiver claimed that subsidiary liability for unpaid debts  of the bankrupt company be imposed on the company's General Director who is the firm's principal. The claim was motivated by the fact that the General Director gave credits in the name of the company which were not repaid later.  
In the statement of defense the AGP lawyers proved the absence of the causative link between the actions of the principal and the company's bankruptcy as well as his being guilty of the company's insolvency.
Having read the statement of defense the receiver acknowledged during a court hearing that it was well-grounded and agreed that he had not submitted sufficient proof to hold the AGP client subsidiarily liable  and  withdrew his claims completely. The work on the project was done by Olga Zelenskaya, Dmitri Lubomudrov and Valentin Moiseev.

Civil & Commercial Litigation / International Commercial Arbitration