Dispute over Recovery of 30 mln Rubles Resolved in Favor of AGP’s Client

20.10.2016, Kristina V. Timoshenko
AGP Attorney Kristina Timoshenko successfully defended a major advertising agency in both the trial court and the court of appeals.
The dispute arose from a contract under which AGP’s client acted as customer. The provider filed with the arbitrazh court a claim for recovery of contractual fees, penalty and late charge totaling  about 30 mln rubles. The trial court accepted the defense counsel’s arguments that work acceptance certificates alone cannot be accepted as the only evidence and the claimant failed to produce other evidence of work fulfillment and therefore the court dismissed the claim in full.  The Ninth Arbitrazh Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s judgment and dismissed the claimant’s appeal.

Civil & Commercial Litigation / International Commercial Arbitration