Court Supported Employer in an Employee Termination Conflict

14.02.2017, Marina V. Abramova, Kristina V. Timoshenko
In late January a district court in Moscow examined an employee’s claim against  its former employer, a big IT company. The employee claimed that the repeated disciplinary sanctions, including employment termination, imposed on the employee constituted acts of discrimination and the employee was illegally terminated during his sick leave.  

During the proceedings the court established the fact of abuse of right by the employee who visited a medical center and obtained the sick leave certificate after the termination order had been brought to the attention of the employee. Also, the employee failed to explain what actually constituted  an act of discrimination. Having examined the written evidence provided by the employer and having interrogated witnesses, the court held that the termination was legal and that no violation of the employee’s employment rights, freedoms or legal interests took place, and therefore dismissed the claim in full.

The employer was defended by AGP attorneys Marina Abramova and Kristina Timoshenko.

Labor Law