Construction & Real Estate

AGP lawyers have always been intensely involved in legal support of various construction projects, including industrial facilities, business centers, residential and shopping complexes. The value of some of them ranged from $150 million to $2 billion.

As a result, we have accumulated extensive experience and unique knowledge that help us resolve client’s legal issues effectively and create the best lawyers teams to manage such projects.

We offer the followings services to real estate and construction businesses:

  • Preparing a full set of contractual documentation (investment contracts, general contractor agreements, contracts with engineering organizations, construction contracts with specialized construction organizations for installing utility systems in residential and non-residential buildings), using inter alia the FIDIC documentation
  • Advice on purchase and sale of real estate, including designing, constructing, reconstructing, leasing, mortgaging, and servitudes/easements over land, buildings, facilities (property complexes), and making improvements to real estate
  • Negotiating complex construction projects
  • Developing financing schemes and corporate structures for construction or real property acquisition projects
  • Structuring relations between construction project operators and investors
  • Due diligence on the legal status of various real estate properties
  • Comprehensive support for purchase, sale or lease of commercial, office space or residential real property, including countryside gated communities, in both Moscow and other regions of Russia
  • Legal support of agricultural land transactions (transactions with land shares, parceling out land plots, buyout, acquiring leasehold rights to agricultural land, and changing land use category)
  • Legal assistance in liaising with local authorities in the process of acquiring rights to buildings or land in Moscow and the Moscow Region
  • Legal assistance in the registration of real estate rights and transactions with relevant authorities
  • Pre-trial settlement of conflicts
  • Judicial defense of title and other property rights to real estate
  • Representation before Russian courts in any matters relating to land and construction as well as real estate and privatization laws



Comprehensive legal support in the construction of a confectionary factory in the Vladimir Region with the investment volume of more than €200 million.

Agricultural producer

Advising the client and preparing documentation for acquisition of rights to agricultural lands in the Voronezh, Orel and Tula Regions, totaling more than 20 thousand hectares in aggregate.

Major institutional investor

Representing the investor during reconstruction of Moscow’s biggest hotel (project valued at $1.5 billion).

Major institutional investor

Ownership structuring, developing a financing plan, and representing the client during a project to build real estate at Moscow City business area (project valued at roughly $1 billion).

Foreign retailer

Due diligence on real estate assets of a large food retail network (over 300 stores) in connection with the foreign retailer’s purchase of the network.

Russian Standard

Advising the client on matters of the general contractor agreement for construction of a plant in St. Petersburg.

Construction Company

Preparing a contract on design and construction of a major shopping and entertainment center in the South of Russia.

Major alcohol beverage producer

Comprehensive support in acquiring land rights and construction of a logistics center in Moscow.

Investment and construction company

Legal support in the design and construction of the gated communities Nikolino and Deauville (investment volume – more than $300 million), and support of the subsequent sale of housing units.

Russian real estate development investor

Support in a transaction to acquire land, build homes and hotels on the island of Crete (investment volume - $100 million).

Private investors

Support in purchases of real estate in the United Arab Emirates and France worth more than €300 million in aggregate.