Labor Law

AGP has always been committed to securing our clients’ interests in employment agreements and labor disputes.

Our services include:

  • Advice on various matters of the Russian labor legislation (parties’ rights and obligations in a labor contract; labor peculiarities and benefits for various categories of employees; structuring corporate personnel paperwork management; development of a corporate compensation and bonuses system; drafting labor agreements for various categories of employees, amending labor contract terms, advice on rotating shift work issues, etc.)
  • Advice on works for hire, employer commercial secret, and occupational health and safety issues
  • Structuring relations with foreign employees stemming from the specific status of foreigners working in Russia, and localizing foreign company employment agreements
  • Drafting corporate regulations relating to protection of personal data and confidentiality, and advising on personal data issues and employee privacy
  • Legal support in hiring and terminating employees, and resolution of complicated employment termination cases
  • Resolving individual labor/employment disputes
  • Drafting and legal assessment of local regulatory acts and labor collective agreements
  • Pre-trial resolution of employee/employer disputes and conflicts
  • Support during government audits
  • Representing clients before regulatory agencies and courts in any labor disputes
  • Due diligence of companies for compliance with labor laws



Drafting and negotiating employment agreements with directors and key personnel of joint companies created as part of investment projects.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works OJSC

Due diligence of documentation regulating the employer/employee relations of the client’s companies, in connection with its IPO.

Global fuel and petrochemical company

Legal assistance to the employer during labor inspectors’ monitoring activities.

Automobile manufacturer

Legal support in hiring employees for a newly created subsidiary (start-up) with a foreign director and a foreign founder.

Shopping and entertainment center

Representation in court in connection with a legal action brought by the client’s former executive manager to challenge the legality of his dismissal.

Leading international bank

Legal support for the employment termination to manage a conflict with an employee.


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